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Tom Pinsent

Tom Pinsent has just released his second album, “Living Chains”. The album is a follow up to his first album Gt’s Lounge, which received quite a bit of radio play in the UK, and in North America.


Tom Pinsent was born in Grand Falls Windsor, NL. He played music throughout highschool and in his late teens he joined the armed forces. It was there that he met some musicians and one of these friends co-wrote “Kid Like Me”, which was released on Tom’s debut album, GT’s Lounge.

After leaving the Armed Forces, Tom completed a business degree and became a business instructor in his home town. Still the love of music never left him, and he continued to pursue other music endeavours.

In 2014, he began recording GT’s Lounge, an album full of original songs. Produced at Sevenview Studios, the first single was released “Life Goes On” was released with a video. The song received a lot of radio play in the UK and at home in North America.┬áReviews of the album have compared Tom’s style to John Mellancamp, Bob Seger, and even one DJ in the UK called Life Goes On to have a Clapton like feel to it.

Tom has released his follow up album in November 2016, titled “Living Chains”. The album has been getting radio play with the first single Fantasy. Tom plans on releasing a video for the single and continues on his musical journey.


Living Chains

Released 2016

GT’s Lounge

Released 2014